"Perception IS Reality"

Your Online and printed pieces must convey a look of quality to be remembered. The battle for your customer's mind most often begins with the perceptioneye. You better give it something worthwhile to look at.

Face it, the competition for your customers' attention is tougher than ever. New markets, new and competeyounger customers entering the market, and new media to reach them. Today's marketing messages can come in many shapes and sizes and choosing the right ones can mean the difference between being seen and being overlooked

We offer custom graphic and website design for businesses who need a complete look and feel to match their corporate identity. We can also clean up low resolution bitmapped logos into hi resolution vector art.

Because of our low overhead we are able to give you the same high quality Artwork at a much lower cost than the other Art Studios.make money

We work directly with our customers to save time. We can E-mail the finished .EPS vector files straight to the supplier/printer for quicker delivery of your orders or if you prefer we can do all correspondence and artwork for you.
Trebor FX will be Your Personal Art Department.
All Artwork will be archived to both hard drive and CD, Free of charge for future printing jobs. Copies of all files will be sent to you and can be sent to Supplier / Printer to speed up Orders.
Artwork ready time 24 to 48 hrs