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Who Is Trebor FX

Bob ShoresI am Robert Shores, Founder of Trebor Graphics and Trebor FX.
Thank You for taking time to visit my Web Site.

It was 1990 when I started Trebor Graphics. The name Trebor is simply Robert backwards. growing up,I have always enjoyed drawing. I spent more time drawing than doing my school work. In the early 70s I took art classes with Famous Artists Schools and graduated in 1974.

Through School I attended Art, Drafting and shop classes and put to use what I've learned. From Designing and building my own house, to Computer Graphic Design, in the gallery you will find some of my early drawings and artwork (1969-1974) it was in 1980 I started work on my first computer (Timex Sinclair) I learned basic programming and some graphics. In 1984 Atari 800XL took its place. We've come along way from the Atari today. Web Pages, Flash video, 3D work to Photo manipulation. I've kept on going and enjoyed it all.trebor logo

Why Trebor FX

From the graphics and logo in your web site to the sign design on your shop windows , from the look of your Business Card and all printed marketing  to logos for the world's organizations, Computer design today influences what we buy, what we do and even what we think . Because Computer design plays such an important role in our everyday decision making, an ongoing graphic design marketing  program is an important part of good business strategy.

artistTrebor FX is a One Stop Business Marketing Center Offering  a wide variety of Computer Graphics services including, but not limited to: Business Cards, Post Cards, Flyers, Vinyl Signs, (store windows, cars / trucks) Web Pages and Web Graphics design , Vector Art, Logo Design, Photo restoration / manipulation and complete Computer graphic design

Our design studio is located in the beautiful city of Delray Beach , Florida , Our Web Sites allow us the ability to help anyone with Graphic Design needs anyplace they may be. Please call or E-mail us today. Let Us turn your Ideas and dreams into a New web site for your customers to visit while our signs and printable materials capture the attention of new local customers. Treborfx@comcast.net