Photo work

Photo Restore and Manipulation

before1after1Ok I must admit one of the first things that drew me to Computer Graphics was the Ability to alter and manipulate the pixels of a picture. (special effects) Hence the name Trebor FX.before2after2 The possibilities are endless.
From adding yourself to an old Family photo (top left and right) or maybe you found an old photo of your home town but you need to remove someone or something.both manwife(middle left and Right)  how about two old high school pictures that need colored and joined. (bottom left and right). I Have always been a fan of Fantasy Art. Computer Graphics has Turned that dream into a reality. Special thanks to Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell my favorites.

Julie BellIf you have any favorite or special photos that you would like to become a work of Art. Trebor FX can have you sharing them with friends and family  in a very short time at a very reasonable price.

We will archive your artwork for even faster future service with reproduction accuracy time after time.

Your total satisfaction is guaranteed
All jobs will be billed. Credit card ordering coming soon.